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Remembering Dr Alan Watson

We are saddened to report the death of our Life Member Dr Alan Watson who due to his failing health had recently been cared for in Liberton Hospital until he passed away on the 26th March.

Alan was a fantastic supporter of the club and formed a strong family bond with everyone at Stoneyhill. His son Derek is a past Captain of the club and his grandson Euan has also pulled on the Butcher’s Apron.

The term “true gentleman” is often quoted when recalling the character of individuals and in Alan’s case this sentiment almost appears too light. He was always willing to go that extra mile for his patients and was in all respects a man of great integrity, wisdom and compassion.

During the days when there were no substitutes allowed his expertise was invaluable on the touchline. If you were injured and could go back onto the pitch without seriously doing more damage to yourself then he would patch or stitch you up and send you back into the fray. There will be many ex-MRFC players who have received the Doctor’s special brand of care and will remember fondly the sight of him extricating his stitching kit from his bag to do his repair work.

Alan will be held in our memory for ever and our thoughts are with all his family at this sad time.


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