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INTERVIEW: Gregor Tait

Our end of season interviews continue, today's is with winger Gregor Tait.

Q: It was the first time Musselburgh were playing top flight rugby in 33 years, did you feel any pressure to make an impact and what were your expectations for the season?

"I don’t think I felt pressure to make an impact but I knew I had to make one if I wanted to be playing week in week out and to compete with all the great players in the league. I’d say my expectations were the same as everyone else’s, that the main goal was to avoid relegation and to show that we deserved to be in this league."

Q: Looking back to the first game of the season against Glasgow Hawks in the Scottish Cup, how confident were you of a win and getting the season off to the right start?

"I would say I was quietly confident, we saw hawks as a team that wasn’t that strong and had a lot of weaknesses and I knew we had the quality to expose that."

Q: The first half of the season had some ups and downs, where do you think the turning point was in the season?

"There was a few games you could say but I would go for the game down in Hawick. Even though we lost, we managed to come away with a bonus point which I think gave us the belief that we could go toe to toe with these kinda teams and that gave us the confidence to push on for the rest of the season."

Q: What was your favourite game to play this season and why?

"A lot of people would say the Jed game at home but I was injured for that one so it would probably be GHA at home as it was the first time we really clicked as a team and we played some great rugby that day."

Q: Did you have any other favourite moments off the pitch this season?

'Yeah it would definitely have to be the Super Saturday lunch. Even though there was no rugby to watch, it was great to have everyone at the club come together and celebrate the season we had."

Q: The outbreak of COVID-19 unfortunately caused the season to be null and void. What were your initial feelings after hearing this decision?

"To start probably a bit disappointed as you never want the season to be cut short. Then relief as it meant that we would definitely be staying up and playing in the premiership next season. It was also disappointing that the supers didn’t get the chance to play in the playoffs which they worked hard for and deserved the opportunity to win it."

Q: Knowing we will be definitely playing Premiership rugby again next year, what are your expectations for next season and what do you think will be different?

"I’d say if we can play how we did in the last half of the season we can definitely push for top half of the table and that should be what we aim for coming into the season. I think that the standards and quality will go up in the league which will make games tougher but I feel as a team we will be ready for it this season."

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