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Statement: Gender Participation Policy Response

Musselburgh RFC released the following statement yesterday.

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Lorna Irvine
Lorna Irvine

I'm astounded, that you're prepared, so insouciantly, to put the lives of women and children - girls from 11/12 - at risk, to assuage the subjective (and as is becoming increasingly evident) - often dubiously-motivated feelings of males. What on earth are you thinking? Quite aside from the egregious ideological capture to which you've capitulated, one serious injury of a woman or girl, and you'll be best placed to find a good lawyer. You claim 'Inclusion, but where is the 'integrity' and 'respect' due to women and girls?


That's a good comment Lorna.

MRFC could you confirm your insurance arrangements in the event that someone gets injured as you appear to be going against SRU policy and guidance.

Probably against the Equality Act 2010 too.


I'm disappointed in the fact that you have released this comment. It indicates to me that you are not willing to allowing gender non-conforming men or trans women to play in the men's team. You could follow the example of the King's Cross Steelers who allow Miranda Yardley, a transsexual, to play in the men's team.

Children are only allowed to play together until the end of primary school, once they reach secondary school they split into teams according to their sex. Why should someone's sense of identity change that?

I believe this statement undermines your child protection policy.

I note that your EDI policy lists the incorrect protected characteristics.

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