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As part of the work carried out to update and amend our Constitution, a strategic group led by our President, Drew Johnston, recognised the need to review the club’s mission and vision statements. This led to a sub group being formed to focus solely on identifying the most meaningful and relevant Core Rugby Values which would help to provide a framework for our new Mission and Vision Statements and to create a ‘One Club’ culture.

As a result of the Sub Group Discussions, the values of INTEGRITY, RESPECT AND INCLUSION have been identified as the most appropriate for what we wish our club to stand for.

Over the coming months there will be a focus on how we can embrace these values to help us create a club that is highly respected within Musselburgh and the wider community and encourage players of all ages, gender and ability to join us in a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment.

During the month of December we will be asking all members to provide personal feedback on our club values through an online survey. After which we will finalise our Mission and Vision Statements.


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