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Musselburgh RFC Centenary Products

Musselburgh RFC registered their official Musselburgh RFC Centenary Tartan with the Scottish Register of Tartans in 2021.  The commemorative tartan design is owned and exclusive to MRFC so MRFC tartan products can only be purchased through the Club.


To mark our Centenary we have already released our limited edition Beers and Gin, available on our online shop and from behind the bar.  


We are delighted to add to our Centenary collection with a range of tartan products.


MRFC teamed up with our friends at Drove Weaving and Rose’s Wardrobe in Langholm to have our tartan produced in the mill using traditional weaving methods giving us high quality, 100% wool  tartan material.  This has been used to produce a range of limited edition Centenary tartan products seen below.


We will be adding the opportunity for a bespoke tailoring of tartan trews soon and looking into other items  -  perhaps a gentleman’s waistcoat, a ladies cape or poncho or a full blown kilt.  Happy to take email ideas  -



All products are 100% high quality wool, limited edition and are available on our online shop 



Pre-tied -


Self-tied -


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