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Funky Rocker Design Plans Pdf [Latest-2022]




They are not drawn to scale, so you must know your engineering capabilities to ensure you are able to produce a quality product. Both the source file and finished parts list, including parts numbers, part list, and drawing are provided for each plan. The source file is delivered by email upon request or can be downloaded from the printed pages at the "download" page of this web site. Parts List: The parts list is an Excel file with a file name that matches the name of the plan. The file name is the plan number with a ".xls" extension. You can use this file for multiple plans, by simply renaming the file name. Plan Information: The information provided in this file is the same as the information contained on the printed pages. Please download the plan of your choice (only one plan per download). Print, review, and make your purchase from a local printer if your will. If you need assistance with your purchase, please call us at 888.858.0912 or email at [email protected] Q. Does the material or labor in a project need to be “double-rate” or is it “single-rate”? A. Almost all projects are single rate, but there are a few that require that we run the material and labor double-rate. If this occurs, we will immediately contact you to let you know the change has occurred. We do this so you are not charged twice, and because we provide value to you in terms of service, quality, and cost. Q. Are you an Authorized Online Dealer (AOD)? A. Absolutely not. No one company can control what you order, but we guarantee that you can buy the plans for a price you can afford and produce a quality product. We provide an unmatched level of service and support that allows us to do this. Q. What is your return policy? A. We do not offer a "return policy". The only way we can offer a customer a refund is to return an order that is not as specified. So, if you purchase a "5-sided plan", and you don't need a 5-sided design, we cannot offer a refund. It's really that simple. We offer a 60-day full refund. If you want to return the plans, contact us at 888.858.0912 or email at [email protected] and provide




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Funky Rocker Design Plans Pdf [Latest-2022]
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