1XV & 2XV Teams announced

Author: sstott

Jan. 4, 2019, 8:49 p.m.

The 1XV travel along the M8 for the first game of 2019 on Saturday against high flying GHA, KO at Braidholm, at 2:00 pm

The Team

1. Craig Owenson
2. Ross Gregor
3. Colin Arthur
4. William Fleming
5. Cameron Pryde
6. Michael Maltman
7. Michael Fleming
8. Graeme Bowman

9. Kyle McGhie
10. Danny Owenson
11. Gregor Tait
12. Luke Hutson
13. Rory Smith
14. Stuart Thomson
15. James Ferguson

16. Bob Stott
17. Neil McNairn
18. Jack Anderson
19. Paddy Brown
20. James Doig

The 2XV also have picked up a friendly game against Dalkeith, away, KO at 12.30pm.

The squad is - Donald Grant, Calum Fleming, Calum Buchan, Duncan Hodge, Cameron Bain (debut), Ryan Louder, Finlay Craig, Gary Neill, Liam Kelly, Brian Walls, Dave Bowman, Jack Dickson, Tom Foley, Blair MacLeod, Ronan Stott, Lewis Knight, Liam Fraser, Danny McGillvray, Lewis McGillvray (debut)