Musselburgh squad to play Jed

Author: sstott

April 18, 2019, 9:32 p.m.

Musselburgh are at home on Saturday in the final National League Division 1 match against 2nd top Jed-Forest who will be hoping to pip Marr to the top slot to become league champions. Musselburgh will also be looking to take points from this match to finish in the top 6 and gain promotion to the new premier league next season. Kick off at 3pm at Stoneyhill.

Homemade curry will be served from 1:30pm

1. Bob Stott
2. Ross Gregor
3. Colin Arthur
4. Jack Anderson
5. Jack Haynes
6. Jonathan Crain
7. Michael Fleming
8. Fraser Millar

9. Kyle McGhie
10. Brian Walls
11. Gregor Tait
12. Ronan Stott
13. James Ferguson
14. Tom Foley
15. Martin Cimprich

16. Donald Grant
17. Euan Bonthron
18. Conor Slaven
19. Gary Neil
20. Cameron McMillan