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 Lasswade Tournament

1st May 2016

1 May and it was still winter in Lasswade -  the usual wind and rain

This year there were 7 teams in the tournament and a round robin format was adopted, so 6 games to play. 

Game 1 v Heriots
Probably one of the teams we wouldn't want first given that we are notoriously slow starters in tournaments - and so it proved. The boys were hesitant from the outset, not closing down Heriots, letting them run at us and missing tackles. Against a well organised team, that's going to make things difficult, especially when Heriots had a couple of quick, early scores. A few passes also went astray with a suspicion that Heriots dark blue strip looked similar to our own, causing confusion 

Bruce - got over after some good forwards play

Half time 1:6

Bruce - intercept try, fast becoming his trademark (watch out Gregor)

Full time 2:13 and heads a bit down after this one.

Game 2 v Forrester
Not being too happy about the first game, the boys got going in this match. Tackling was Much better as was the running - taking the ball forward and using the space.

Rowan - after some good interplay, and a break through the middle
Bruce - break away and long run in
Bruce - pounced on a loose ball, pick up and outpaced defence
Bruce - another intercept, straight from kick off

Half time 4:0

Charlie C - persistence, running through tackles
Bailey - good running, right then cut back on the diagonal to left
Bailey - spin out of tackle
DC - great run from halfway, right then cut back left to catch out defence
Bailey - long solo run

Full time 9:0 and everyone feeling much more positive

Game 3 v Lasswade
It was surely a mistake for them to eat their packed lunches right before the game, and that seemed to be the case

Rowan - after forward run by Cole, pick up and crash through
Bruce - pounced on loose ball
Bruce - off quick penalty tap and pass
Rowan - Rory tackle, Bruce onto loose ball, pass out of tackle
David - Rowan offload, ball lost forward?, but played to the whistle
James - drive forward
Rory - Bruce tackle and great set back, Rory pick up and long run in
Bruce - another intercepted pass

Half time 8:1 (packed lunches playing their part ?)

Bailey - run up touch after good inter passing
Rory - up the touch line and step inside to score in centre
David - long run up touch line to score in the corner

Full time 11:4 

Game 4 v Watsons
Another of the big teams and everyone a bit wary about this one after seeing Watsons playing well at the Heriots tournament

Rory - long run
Rory - long run
Bruce - break and run in

Game a half time score of 3:3 in a tight and hard fought contest

Bailey - Long run from own half
Bailey - taking a pop up pass off the ground by Bruce
Bruce - another darting run

However Watsons upped their game in the second half to edge us out 6:8, but still a good performance

Game 5 v East Kilbride
A bit of an unknown quantity as this is the only tournament where we meet EK

A slow start (after our lunch and a half hour break ?) made it 0:6 at half time

Game on in the second half where we really got going
Bailey - after great work by Rory 
Bruce - intercept and scramble over
Bailey - pick up loose ball on ground
Rory - long solo run
Bruce - quick tap penalty to get over in the corner

Full time 5:7 and a great second half fight back

Game 6 v Penicuik
The final game of the day and looking to finish on a high after two close defeats
Bruce - after a great run by Rory
Bruce - picked up loose ball and run in
Cole - pop up pass from Bruce
Rory - ongoing run from own half, outpaced defence

Half time 4:1

Bruce - intercepted pass on own touch line
Bailey - latched onto loose ball

Full time 7:4

All in all some great running and tackling - when we got going. Caught a bit cold in that first game against Heriots where we were just outclassed on the day (wait until next time) but the two other defeats were close games and we pushed Watsons hard.

6 games, so plenty of game time for everyone and a load of scores (40 in total)

MRFC Mini Tournament 

24th April 2016

I don' t think we could have asked for better weather for the tournament , sunny and dry when snow was potentially on the cards

Muss A v. Ross High

The boys have been slow starters in recent games, so this one would be interesting
Jason - long run from own half into space
Rex - Struan run and offload, Rex cut back on the diagonal
Struan - a solo break into space
Cole - weaving through the defence
James - taking another offload from Struan

Half time 5:2 but Ross still in the game after some missed tackles

Jason - after good interpassing left then right
Bailey - good run by DC, tackled and set back, pick and drive from Bailey
Bailey - long run into space, outpaced defence
Max - good wresting contest won by Jason, ball set back to allow Max to run
Rex - ball out from 5m maul, dart in to score
Rex- pass from DC into space, Rex to top corner
Max - intercepted pass for a run in
Bailey - great tackle from Max, loose ball allowing Bailey to run into space
Struan - a long solo run in

Some great team play in the second half, taking the ball forward and using the space

Second half 9:0, full time 14:2

Muss B v Haddington
A similar pattern to the A team game, but a tighter contest
Tom- ball won in midfield and great run forward
Tom - long solo run in

HT 2:1 and still close

Bruce - up the touch line
Charlie C 
Gregor - another run up the touch line
Gregor - took pass in space and trademark dive over

Second half 4:1, full time 6:3

Some good tackling and forward play against an organised Haddington team

Muss A v Muss B (crunch game)
This one was always shaping up as the key game in the pool
Bailey - through tackles to power over
Bailey - jinky run
Jason - picking up a loose ball to charge forward
Jason - intercept and run in
Cole - weaving run through tackles
Bruce - taking a pass out of the tackle, run up touch line
Tom - persisting through tackles to crash over
Charlie D - tackled and held but managed to dive over

Half time 3:2, full time 6:3 and a good , competitive performance from both teams

Muss A v Haddington
The other team against Haddington in a key match to make it 3 from 3 and reach the final

Max - powerful trademark run
Bailey - good work from Rex and Struan sucking in players, pass into space for Bailey
DC - picked up loose ball and run into top corner
Rex - pressured last man into fumbling the ball, pick up and run in
DC - run to top corner 

Half time 5:3 and still an open game

Rex - sprint up the touch line
Rex - great cross field run to corner after the team was under pressure
Jason - weaving run through the defence
Jason - after pop pass from James
Jason - picked up loose ball, spin out of tackle

Second half 5:4 , full time 10:7 , a good game, and through to the final

Muss B v Ross High
A dead rubber as the B boys couldn't make the final, but were looking to end the day on a high with a good performance

Tom - sidestep and swerve
Rowan - run, pick up and drive
Gregor - latched on to spelled ball after pressurising the opposition
Tom - great cut back to wrong foot defence
Gregor - following a good run by Charlie
Gregor - onto loose ball and run in

Half time 6:1

Bruce - long run into space
Bruce - intercepted pass and run in 
Gregor - long cross field run
Bruce - good work from Gregor right to left cut back
Bruce - run in from half way
Bruce - an opportunist try
Bruce - another intercept

Second half 7:0 and full time 13:1, ending on a high and feeling more positive.

The Final - Muss A v Portobello
It was starting to feel like a long day, with the heat and hard ground starting to take its toll. Would we have enough left to win this one? 

A tight game against the two undefeated teams from the pool games. 

Jason - strong run through tackles
Tom - pass from tap penalty

But the boys were always behind in this one against a tough tackling Porty team, with some of the B boys having to be used as substitutes to replace the casualties.

All in all a good day, some excellent team play at times from both squads and we only just fell short in the final

MRFC P5's on Tour 2016


Day 2 ( Sunderland)


Another early start – quick breakfast, then an hours’ bus journey north to sunny Sunderland


The same rules applied as yesterday , however the pitches were much wider and drier – so opportunities out wide if the ball could be shifted into space




Game 1 


Despite the early start the boys seemed more awake than yesterday, and ready to get going 


Some good running and tackling , but we lost out on a few opportunities where the ball was targeted/ripped before it could be passed or  before our support players arrived.


HT 0:2


Half time pep talk from Grant made sure players knew what was going on and how to counter (by keeping a good hold of the ball in contact).. 


Bruce – quick tap and pass off penalty 5 metres out 


Bruce – pick up from breakdown and sprint through a gap 


A great run from Rex where he was forced into touch just short of the try line should have levelled this one 


Second half 2:1 


FT 2:3


The important thing here was that , by sticking to our normal game plan (2 hand carries, running into space, winning the ball in rucks) things were starting to pay off


Game 2


This game switched to a bigger pitch – Just as wide, but longer, with the try line just short of the trees


A great run by Max, tackled short, should have opened the scoring


Max –  off a penalty, broke through two attempted tackles to score


Gregor then showed a great sidestep and dummy pass to break up the line, only to be forced into touch short


Some real positive running here with the score at HT 1:2


Second half the boys really got going with the sort of positive play we are  capable of – bodies into rucks, driving through to win the ball, ball back, passing and running into space


Bruce – a dart up the touchline to score in the corner


Bruce – breakdown in our half, ball knocked on but advantage played, loose ball picked up and outpaced cover defence to score (lesson here, play to the whistle)


Bruce – good run forward by Rex, tackled but manage to offload to Bruce, good persistence through tackles to score


Max – ball back from , space opened up, run in from half way


Rex – another win at a maul, ball out the back, run into space and outpace tacklers 


Rowan – quick tap penalty from Bruce, releasing Rowan up the touch line to score in the corner


Second half 6:0,  FT 7:2


A really positive finish as the boys were able to open up and show their skills against a decent Sunderland team



Heriot's Tournament 2016

Written by Colin Liddell

An experienced P5 squad went along to Goldenacre hoping to repeat the success of two years ago when we went undefeated. However this is always a tough tournament with some strong teams participating

Game 1 v Watsonians

We started strongly against Watsons with the boys competing well up front. The number of turnovers made from rucks became a feature of the day, with Jason in particular frequently appearing out of a pile of bodied clutching the ball.

Bruce - fooling a good feed from Rex
Max - with a length of the field run after pick up from a ruck

Gave us 2:1 lead at half time.

However as has happened in the first game of other tournaments, we stood off the opposition, didn't close down space and didn't press forward - so gave the opposition room to attack.

Bailey - released into space after a Max drive

Scored our only try of the second half, but Watsons edged it 4:3. A good effort against a Watsons team who seemed likely to go all the way to the final (winners ?). I've not mentioned the wayward looping pass at 3:2, but lessons seemed to be learned as I can' t remember any others all day.

Game 2 V Madras

We had already spotted their speed merchant from their previous game. However stopping him was another matter as he proved to be a really talented runner - and seemed to be scoring the bulk of their tries particularly when given too much room to build up speed

Jason - pick and drive from ruck
Jason - great sidestepping through 4 potential tacklers

Still left us 2:3 down at half time

However the boys upped the game in the second half. Moving the ball with quality passing and running into space, causing Madras real problems

Struan - trademark dodgy run through tacklers
Max - crash ball from 5 yards
Struan - after a pass off the deck by Bruce
Bruce - after great interplay with Jason

Made the final score 8:5 with a good second half performance showing the real quality play the boys are capable off.

Game 3 v Heriots whites

Traditionally our games against Heriots are closely fought, and this was no different. The boys maintained their form from the  previous game and pressed Heriots hard for long periods. However they are a well organised team, and took their chances. 

Tom - break from Rex , follow up by Struan, pick and drive from Tom
Rex - released up the touch line

HT 2:2

Jason - crashed through after 5 metre penalty

FT 3:3, but a game we should probably have won given the lengthy periods of pressure we had

A really good performance, where we pressed Heriots relentlessly and didn't give them time or space to push forward.

Game 4 v Alnwick

There was a suggestion that this could be a game too far, as players were definitely tiring, and the chance of appearing in the final had gone. But the boys again rose to the challenge and had a real go in the final game of the day.

Bruce - solo effort up the wing from kick-off
Bruce - sheer persistence, tackled but not held, got up and dived over
Rex - slipped tackle and ran into space
Rex - side step and across field to opposite corner

Made it 4:2 at half time

Max - run to top corner
Struan - junky run through tacklers
Alastair - after a good run from Bailey
Gregor - caught in tackle, slipped the tackler and broke through
Bruce - picked up loose ball in our half and long run in
Bailey - great speed up the wing

Full time 10:3

all in all a good tournament, 2 wins 1 draw 1 (narrow) defeat - and some really good play, particularly in those later games







Sunday 22nd Nov

Away Game to Dunbar

Brian's Team


At the suggestion of Dunbar we split the squad into two teams to keep them all warm. I had Bruce, Gregor, Cole, Charlie, Struan and Max. In the first game the boys looked up against it to a big Dunbar side but the boys did not notice and they went at them with there usual no prisoners attitude. They never gave Dunbar any space and when they did get the ball they were shut down by some fearsome tackling from Bruce Struan, Gregor and Max. All parts of there game was good the passing was accurate, individual runs with great side steps and players running in support was a joy to watch. 

The final score

Mussy 9  Dunbar 4 

 Bruce 2, Gregor 3, Struan 2, Max 2.

Game 2

was a bit strange it is the first time I've seen all of the players wanting  to be subbed only due to the massive effort that they all put into the first game. Dunbar did not seem keen to start the game which gave the boys a bit of a breather. The game started at a ferocious pace with Max running, through, over, under and around the Dunbar defense to score 4 tries. It was starting to get a bit heated but to our credit the guys all kept there cool. Gregor was making one of his classic runs up the wing but was stopped by a heavy tackle and had to come off to recover but after a quick once over from Eilidh he was back in the action. The best play of the match was an offload out of a tackle from Charlie to Bruce who side stepped his way to the line with Cole tracking him all the way in support. Dunbar scored a couple of tries I think due to our lads taking a breather and ball watching.  The whistle blew at the right time as some Dunbar players had lost there cool, all credit to our mussy boys they all kept there heads. 

 The final score 

Mussy 6 Dunbar 2

 Max 4, Gregor 2

 Player of the day in my team went to Gregor for his passing , tackling indvidual runs and managing to come back on after being smashed off the pitch or according to the cpo taking a heavy tackle.

Written  by Brian Ferguson
                                                                    Mike's Team

This one got a bit tricky as the squad split into two groups (of 5 and 6) which then played simultaneous games – so I only saw part of the squad in action, and only a partial match report   

Group of 6 = Tom, Jason, Alastair, Rex, DC, Rowan 

Clearly some of the group had been watching the Jona Lomu tribute programmes, as they were launching themselves at Dunbar. Tom and Jason were crashing through tackles, Alastair was brushing off defenders and Rex was going hard into contact.


Game 1 (HT 3:0, FT 7:0)


Tom – broke through tackles with a bulldozing run from half way

Alastair – broke into space, opened up and ran the length of the pitch

Tom – barged through tackles

Jason – won a wrestling match on the try line and got ball to ground 

Tom – touched down after a scramble on the line following good pressure 

Alastair – pick and drive 

Tom – put into space on the outside and run up touchline to score  


Game 2 (HT 4:1, FT 8:4)  

This one became a bit fragmented as Dunbar were reduced to 5 men, then 4 men – and Muss reduced the number of players to compensate. It was a large pitch for 4 v 4, so plenty of space opened up for both teams 

Rex- good work at a ruck put him into space to run 

Alastair – pick and drive, muscling through a tackle   

Jason – pick and drive  

Jason – wrestled the ball out of a maul, dart round the side 

Jason – crashed over after goo run by Tom

Rex – straight through gap and used his pace  

Tom – burst straight through an attempted tackle 

Rowan – trademark flop over the line with a tackler hanging on 

All in all, some really good play, particularly in the first game where Dunbar couldn’t cope with the aggressive running and the guys’ ability to break through tackles.


Try totals for the day :-


Tom 5

Jason 4

Alastair  3

Rex 2

Rowan 1

 Written by Colin Liddel


Sunday 25th Oct

Away Game to PL

With an extra hour in bed (in theory anyway) everyone was raring to go by 11am against Preston Lodge and the other visiting team,  Peebles

Game 1 v Peebles

Another team the P5's haven't come across before, so a bit of an unknown. Although a relatively small squad they seemed well organised and keen to get stuck in.

The game developed into a bit of a forward battle with the tackles flying in and multiple players on both sides getting drawn into rucks. Some good tackling but heavy challenges led to Rowan and Max both having to leave the field. The ref also had to enforce the two hands on the ball rule, and penalise some attempted hand-offs.

Scores by David and Rory, but at half time we were 2:3 down

Musselburgh clicked into gear in the second half as some of the big hitters took the field. Scores by
Alastair - using his strength and height advantage
Struan - after good work by Jason and Tom
Alastair - after good work by Tom

Gave us a 4:0 result in the second half, and 6:3 overall

Game 2 v Preston Lodge

After several games against PL over the years we had some idea of the tactics they would use, and so it proved as their "solid citizens" again proved hard to stop. However as always our runners are hard to catch when launched into space. Scores from

Rory - great run and pass by Bruce putting Rory into space with enough speed to go outside the last defender
Bruce - brilliant tackle, release, back to feet then pick up the ball and race forward
Bruce - pick up from bread down and long run in

3:2 Musselburgh at half time

Second half was again characterised by multiple rucks which were strongly contested by both sides

Jason - long run in from a restart
Alastair - using his long reach to get the ball over the line
Tom - ball into space and great weaving run to the corner

3:3 second half, so Muss edged it 6:5 overall

Game 3 v Preston Lodge

Both teams were keen to continue to give the boys more game time.

PL started strongly and some missed tackles let them romp to a 5:2 half time lead. Muss scores by

Max - trademark storming run straight through the defence
Bruce - a long solo effort

Another second half fight back saw scores from
Gregor - after a show of pace from Rory
Alastair - strong leg drive and long reach getting the ball over the line
Gregor - getting into space on the outside and darting up the touch line

3:0 second half, so 5:5 overall

Overall a good day as we went unbeaten over 3 matches. However there were patches of dodgy tackling and we should have won some rucks where we had the numbers, but didn't manage to secure the ball. Third or fourth man in should try and pick up and move the ball away from the ruck?
Written by Colin Liddel


 Sunday 4th Oct Forresters Match Report 

by Grant Talac

The P5’s made the short trip around the City Bypass on Sunday to play Forresters who were somewhat of an unknown quantity as we had never played them before. We had 12 kids available so we split into 2 teams of 6 (James, Cole, Tom, Jason, Struan & Bruce)  (Max, Rory, Rex, Alistair, David, Rowen) with James being Mussy squad captain for the day. We played 4, 10 minute games.

 The first 10 min game started with the P5’s using their evasive running and handling skills to good use with not only side stepping players but using 2 on 1 passes to score some cracking trys with Bruce, Struan and James showing some brilliant touches and passing. The trys were scored by Bruce 2, Jason 2, Cole, Struan and James for a 7 -1 score line.   The Forresters team had one massive guy who would prove to be a handful all afternoon and the boys were stand offish at first in their attempt to tackle him, however after a few early difficulties in stopping him our youngest and smallest player Struan led the way and started chop tackling the big guy around the ankles which then gave everyone else the confidence to do it as well.

 The 2nd 10 minute period saw Team 2 come on and with Max in his usual barnstorming mood ably supported by Alistair and Rowen in tackling  with Rex , David and Rory showing up well in attack. Team 2 took the more direct approach than Team 1 but had the same impact running out 7-1 winners as well with Trys from Max 3, Rowan, Alistair, Rex and Rory.

 The third game saw the return of Team 1 who were back to the evasive running and passing game that served them well in the first game running out 7-2 winners with trys from Bruce 2, Struan 2, Cole, Jason and Tom. It was great to see Cole in this game really opening up and using his speed to score a great try with James again showing some nice running and handling skills to set up a few trys.


The final game saw Team 2 take the field once more with Alistair and Max felling the Forrester giant and Rory counter rucking to turn over the ball. This game saw us run out 5 -3 winners with Trys from Max 2, Rex 2 with David scoring the pick off the bunch after a great turnover getting the ball and using his speed down the wing to score a great try.

 All in all another good performance from the P5’s who seem to be able to mix it up in terms of game plan with both Teams showing different ways to play well in the form of evasion / passing and the Route 1 direct / battering ram approach.

Everybody played well however 2 guys stood out with Struan playing great in Team 1 and Max the pick in Team 2 with overall player of the day going to Max.

P5’s Rule!!!

Match Report Sunday 27/09/15

 By Colin Liddel

It was either the sunny day , the new strips, or some other spurious reason - but the boys out in some good performances today at Stoneyhill with Lasswade and Falkirk visiting.

With 14 players available the squad split into two, with one  group playing the first half of the matches, and the other group playing the second halves.

v Lasswade

Lasswade fielded a couple of tall players and at least one solid citizen. However they found our running hard to deal with. Some great scores from

Struan - trademark jinky run
Gregor - good run by Jason, pass out to wing
Gregor - weaving and side-stepping
Tom - pick up and drive after a Jason run
Rex - intercept and full length of the pitch run
Struan - another intercept and long run in
Gregor - following a stramash near the line

7:2 lead at half time

Bruce - solo run from half way
Bruce - launched into space and long run in
Alastair - twisted out of tackle and run in
Rory - ghosted outside and up the side line
David - following good inter-play
Bruce - long looping run

7:1 second half , so 14:3 overall

v Falkirk

A team the P5's haven't faced before, so an unknown challenge. They seemed to be an organised and physical group with some good runners

Gregor - broke through tackle to score
Tom - pick up and drive from ruck
Jason - broke tackle to score
Tom - DC broke into space and fed Tom on the outside
Gregor - again
Gregor - ran onto loose ball which bounced up perfectly to be taken at speed

Half time 6:2

Bruce - pick up from ruck and round the corner
Rory - finishing off a right/left passing move
Rowan - trade mark dive over from 6 inches out
Rory - launched straight through a gap
Bruce - on hand to finish a move

Second half 5:3 for a match score of 11:5 in total

All in all some great running, tackling , rucking and some real "go forward" displays. 
Match Report North Berwick Tournament 20/09/15
by Colin Liddel
Game 1 v Dunbar

HT 4:2, FT 6:4

A good start to the day with some strong running putting Muss into an early lead. However some dodgy tackling and defending let Dunbar back into the game.

Scorers Max 2, Gregor 2, Rory, Rex

Game 2 v North Berwick

HT 2:3, FT 4:6

NB look to have improved from last year, and a good game against Watsons (6 all draw I think) should have been a warning to us. Again the team looked good going forward but missed tackles, poor defending and some indecision cost us.

Scores Rory 3, Max

Game 3 v Watsonians

FT 3:5

With both North Berwick and Watsons undefeated after 2 games each, this was a must win game for us if we were to progress.
Despite the eventual defeat this was probably our best game of the tournament. Having gone behind we fought back to level the scores with some solid tackling and competitively contested rucks and mauls. However Watsons managed to get a try at a key point and finished two ahead.


We won one and lost two, but both the lost games were winnable had we been tighter and not caused some problems for ourselves through

Too many missed tackles
Not enough "go forward"
Too many wild passes

In saying that, there were real positives in the last game v Watsons, where the tackling was much improved, we were competing well in the rucks, and putting in some solid counter-rucking.


IMG_0037.JPGSunday 6th Sept Match Report 

 P5 V Livingston 06/09/15 

The P5 squad welcomed Livingston to Stoneyhill on Sunday with Penicuik not fielding a P5 team and played 4 x 10 minute games. The squad was captained by Bruce Weatherhead for the day.

Game 1 

 saw Livingston make a strong start which was somewhat aided by the P5’s not keeping their defensive line with only Bruce and Alistair pressing up to put pressure on the opposition. However once the ball was turned over the P5’s do what they do best “evasive running, side steps and passing to score trys”. They ran out convincing winners 5-1 with Gregor bagging a hatrick and Alistair with a double.

Game 2 

Followed the same pattern as the first in an attacking sense, with us running out comfortable 6-1 winners with trys from Rory, Jason, and a brace from Max and Bruce. The defensive performance was much better in this game with Struan leading the way with tackle after tackle. However some of the kids started getting a bit greedy in this game and not passing the ball as much as they should

 Game 3 

Given the nature of the first 2 games a rule change was brought in that the P5’s had to make at least 3 passes before they could score which started encouraging them to pass the ball to the space. This saw them run out 3-1 winners with trys from Alistair, Tom and Gregor. Our defence was also much better in this game again with Tom and Bruce making some bruising hits with James adding some nice running and passing to set up Gregors try.

 Game 4

 The penny had dropped with the passing game for this match with some fantastic passing to the space allowing the P5’s to run out 6-0 winners with trys from Rex, Max, Gregor and a brace from Jason. Try of the day was scored in this match when Max made a line break with Rex in support on his left where he sent a wide pass out which Rex ran onto at full speed and scored in the corner! Bravo!!!

All in all a great day for the P5’s scoring 20 trys with only 3 conceded. In attack  Gregor was top dog with Alistair and Struan leading the way tackling. Player of the day however was awarded to Bruce who put in a real captains performance and lead his team brilliantly.

We now need to focus our efforts at training next Sunday in preparation for trying to defend the North Berwick tournament.



 Other News

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