A great picture of Mrfc P4's proudly wearing their new strips kindly sponsored by Heating Scotland based in Tranent.


Sunday 22nd November

Away Game to Dunbar

The P4's travelled down to Dunbar on Sunday to play a double header against both Dunbar x2 and Berwick. The pitch was a lot thinner than normal than the boys were used to and there was a lot less space for our quick, jinky runners to utilise.

Game 1 - Musselburgh 8 Dunbar 10

The P4's took on Dunbar 1 who had one lad in particular who the boys were having trouble tackling with Dunbars main tactic to give it to the powerful lad who seemed to be able to run through us. Whilst our defensive game wasn't up to normal standards our attacking play was with Scott Porteous (2), Cameron (3), Liam (2) and Dan Moncur (1) showing flashes of speed, evasion and try scoring that was at times brilliant.

Game 2 - Musselburgh 13 Dunbar 6

Game 2 was against Dunbar 2 but the lad who was causing the damage in the first game seemed to have swapped teams so it was decided that the best way to stop him was to press up as a team and tackle him quickly before he got a chance to get his speed up. This tactic worked with Scott, Kieran, Callum, Cameran and Dan M leading the way.

We continued where we left off attacking wise with Finlay, Ben, Danny and Callum making some nice off loads to set up Kieran (3), Liam (1), Cameron (1), Scott (1), Ben (2) and Dan M (4) to score some great trys.

Game 3 - Musselburgh 6 Berwick 4

Game 3 saw us start with 7 aside as Berwick had 7 players and suggested that all should play. On the tighter pitch thi smeant even less space which therfore then meant ther ewere a lot more tackle. In this game our off loading skills in particular were good withc Callum, Ben and Danny feeding the ball to Scott (2), Cameron (2), Kieran and Dan M.

This game saw the Berwick coach get a bit animated at myself refereeing with regards to offside and in particular Camerons try. However he may want to check his rule book as their is no offside in open play until a player has been tackled to the ground or a maul is formed. I politely asked him if he would like the whistle and that was the end of that!

In terms of things to improve then next game lets think about our defence early and push up as a team to give the opposition less time on the ball as its easier to stop someone standing still than running fast.

Some great peformances in attack however player of the day went to Scott Porteous for his all round display of try scoring, off loading and tackling! Well done Scott and the rest of the P4's.

Written by Grant Talac

Sunday 4/10/15

Match Report from Forrester's

7 mighty P4s, Rosa, Kieran, Scott, Daniel, Callum, Liam and Cameron travelled across the town to meet Foresters. With this being our 3rd weekend of rugby games the P4s looked confident and focused in the warm up ready for a big Forrester P4 team. 

Kieran captain for the day lead the game well with some fantastic rucking which gave Musselburgh plenty of ball to play with. With some fantastic foot work and fast feet Scott opened the scoring with a lovely try up the left wing to score in the corner. Forrester however did not just sit back and let Musselburgh out strengthening them and with Rosa not wanting to get shown up by any of the others she stepped up her tackling stopping the Forrester players in their track. 


 Callum with his great side step and speed saw some space and took full breaking through Forresters defensive line. Great supporting play and great work rate by Daniel made Forresters struggle to get any go forward and get over the Musselburgh try line.

 Forrester defense late in the game started to give Musselburgh some problems, some great vision and passing from Liam and Cameron opened up the spaces for Musselburgh to walk in some late tries to the game. A great victory for the Fantastic 4s, bring on the next game. 

Sunday 27/09/15 Match Report

by Grant Talac

 The Autumn sun was beating down on Stoneyhill with the Boys & Girls looking super in their brand new strips. Unfortunately Falkirk didn’t have a P4 side so that left the P4’s to play Lasswade. The match took the format of 3, 10 minute periods which gave all the players good game time.

The match started at a furious pace with Cameron, Dan M and Liam showing up well with the ball in hand  and Danny, Kieran and Scott P making some nice tackles. All the kids were keeping a nice defensive line which meant there were no easy gaps for the Lasswade players to run into.

As the game wore on we scored some nice trys over  the 3 periods with Liam, Danny M, Cameron, Dan M, Callum, Scotty P and Kieran scoring trys with the best try of the day reserved to Scott M after a great run from Rosa who offloaded the ball brilliantly for Scott whilst being tackled close to the line, reaching out to score.

Final Score: Musselburgh 17  Lasswade 11.

In Summary a great attacking performance with ball in hand however we need to keep developing our tackling technique so we become more confident in tackling other teams faster and bigger runners.

Sunday 20th Sept

The P4's are away to North Berwick Tournament on Sunday 20th Sept.

Mike Colville will be the Coach in Charge for that day . The P4's are playing on the grass fields , you will be allocated your pitch on arrival . It is an 11.30am meet for a 12pm KO.

Please see Mini News page for full details.

Sunday 6th Sept

Home game against Livingston & Penicuik

12.30pm meet at Stoneyhill for a 1pm KO



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Primary 4 training is held every Sunday 1 to 2pm unless there is a game .

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